Armorzone 2m Plastic Crash Barrier

Armorzone 2m Plastic Crash Barrier

Product Overview:

  • Rated Speed: 50kph
  • Water Fillable Crash Barrier
  • Made from 100% polyethylene
  • Overall length: 2000mm
  • Height: 870mm
  • Weight (empty): 50kgs

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 week


Armorzone 2m Plastic Crash Barrier

Armorzone Water Filled Barrier Hire - made from 100% polyethylene, satisfies the criteria of NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 (TL- 2).

Because of its design and steel pin connectors the barrier can be set up straight or curved with a radius as small as 28 metres if necessary.

Adjacent Armorzone TL-2 Plastic Barriers are connected using a steel pin connector and filled with water. This set up provides a safe work zone barrier protection to short term construction sites and other miscellaneous roadside activities. Armorzone TL-2 Plastic Barrier has been tested to meet the evaluation criteria of NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 (TL-2) for a longitudinal barrier.

NB: Barriers must be filled with water to comply to NCHRP350 TL-2.


  • Approved to NCHRP 350 TL-2
  • Plastic water release cap at bottom
  • 200mm fill hole with plastic cap
  • Temporary Plastic Water Filled Barrier
  • Durable polyethylene plastic
  • Suitable for impact speeds up to 50kph
  • Can be dispatched in stacks of 13 units
  • Includes steel connecting pin allowing sections to be locked together
  • Suitable for roadside or median applications


  • NCHRP 350 TL-2
  • Speed: 50kph
  • Capacity: 560 litres of water
  • Overall length: 2000mm
  • Width (base): 450mm
  • Height: 870mm
  • Weight (empty): 50kgs

Product Downloads

Product Spec Sheets
PDF Brochure: armorzone.pdf
Full Orange Hire Catalogue: Orange-Hire-Catalogue.pdf
Safe Working Method Statement - Delivery: water-fillable-barrier-delivery.doc

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Brand: Armorzone
Model: TL-2
Height: 870mm
Length: 2000mm
Width: 450mm
Product Weight: 50kgs
Suits: Low Speed Zones
Load Capacity: 560l
Material: Polyethylene
Speed Range 50km/hr
Colour: Red
Application: Crash Barrier
Type: Fences & Barriers
UOM: ea