Bomag 15t Single Drum Smooth Roller

Bomag 15t Single Drum Smooth Roller

Product Overview:

  • 15t Bomag Roller
  • Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive
  • Hydrostatic articulated steering
  • No-Spin differential lock
  • Single lever control for travel and vibration
  • Rear axle with twin spring accumulator brakes
  • Single drum roller

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Bomag 15t Single Drum Smooth Roller

Bomag Single Drum Roller Hire- the Bomag BW 213 d-40 is a 15t single drum roller. Effective, reliable and robust this simple operating roller with high amplitudes for maximum depth.

The Bomag BW 213 d-40 has a compaction rate for rock fill of 400-800 m3/h @ 0.7m compacted layer thickness, gravel & sand 270-540 m3/h @ 0.5m compacted layer thickness, mixed soil 220-400 m3/h @ 0.4m compacted layer thickness and silt & clay 110-220 m3/h @ 0.2m compacted layer thickness

The single drum rollers play a key role in the construction processes. Creating the load bearing foundations for subsequent construction work. There is no room for compromises. BOMAG single drum rollers consistently meet the demands of site specifications with high-quality technology.

This single drum roller has two amplitudes and two frequencies. High amplitudes of up to 2.2 mm and precise system coordination of centrifugal force, vibrating mass and imposed load, delivers optimum depth effect and compaction power.

Product Downloads

Product Spec Sheets
PDF Brochure: bw213d-4.pdf
Full Orange Hire Catalogue: Orange-Hire-Catalogue.pdf
Safe Working Method Statement - Delivery: loading-unloading-low-loader.doc
Risk Assessment: BOMAG_BW213D.pdf

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Brand: Bomag
Model: BW213D-4
Engine: Deutz
Power: 132hp
Ground Clearance: 490mm
Size: 15t
Height: 2985mm
Length: 5840mm
Width: 2250mm
Product Weight: 15040kgs
Material: Metal
Colour: Yellow
Fuel: Diesel
Application: Roller
Type: Compaction
UOM: ea