3 Way Winch - Confined Space Rescue Kit

3 Way Winch - Confined Space Rescue Kit

Product Overview:

  • Aluminium 7ft Tripod
  • Free Movement Mode
  • 15m Cable Length
  • 300kg Load Capacity
  • Ideal for Rescue
  • Supplied with Harness & spreader Bar

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


3 Way Winch - Confined Space Rescue Kit

Portable 3 Way Winch Rescue Tripod Hire- designed specifically for working in and the rescue from confined spaces. Engineered for one person for confined space access, the tripods are light and easily transported, made to withstand everyday use.

The 3 Way inertia reel / recovery winch is a combination unit that operates as a normal inertia reel, but can also be used as a raising and lowering winch. This enables the user to work at ease in "Free Movement Mode" and also be able to be winched out in a rescue application.

Safely lower workers into manholes, shafts and confined areas with this portable rescue kit. The aluminium tripod has a SWL of 300kgs, yet only weighs 18kgs and can lower workers to a depth of 15m.

Confined space rescue kits are supplied with a full body harness, 2 karabiners, spreader bars and is neatly packed into a quality tripod bag

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Product Spec Sheets
Full Orange Hire Catalogue: Orange-Hire-Catalogue.pdf

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Brand: Jaybro
Model: 33-73WK
Size: 7ft
Height: 2.29m
Length: 15m
Load Capacity: 300kgs
Material: Aluminium
Application: Tripod
Type: Confined Space
UOM: ea