Bolt Down Davit System

Bolt Down Davit System

Product Overview:

  • Confined space access
  • Galvanised finish
  • Includes davit Arm & base
  • Includes basic rescue winch
  • Winch SWL: 180kgs

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Bolt Down Davit System

Bolt Down Davit Arm & Base Hire - Ideal for temporary rescue or confined space access work where it is possible to bolt down the base.

The most widespread options for the fall-arrest is the rescue davit arm, davits are used for a wide variety of tasks such as confined space entry, platform work, edges & drop off points, fall arrest and emergency evacuation with the ability to station personnel in otherwise hard to reach positions by lifting and lowering workers via a winch.

Davit arm and base are coupled together to provide a fixed anchorage point for work winches or rescue systems for entering confined spaces. The Davit arm has the ability to be removed from the base and moved from job to job, where there are other bases. The arm is able to swivel and provides easy access in many situations.

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Product Spec Info
Brand: Everest
Material: Galvanised
Application: Davit Arm
Type: Confined Space
UOM: ea