Counterweight Davit System

Counterweight Davit System

Product Overview:

  • No need to bolt or fasten down
  • Confined space access
  • Galvanised finish
  • Includes davit Arm & base
  • Includes basic rescue winch
  • Winch SWL: 180kgs

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Counterweight Davit System

Counterweight Davit System Hire- sometimes a tripod or bolt down davit arm is not applicable to the task at hand, in those cases a counterweighted davit system is the ideal solution for the entry, rescue and working around a drop off.

A counterweight davit enables you to access confined spaces where the opening may be too large for a tripod, at a drop off point or when the ground is too uneven to use 'standard' confined space entry equipment.

This portable system with adjustable feet is designed to fit most standard confined space access points and the offset mast and counterweight system work in harmony, providing a study, safe and secure hoisting system.

The system integrates a weights rack to counter-balance the anchoring point and the adjustable feet allow for set-up on uneven ground.

Engineered to fit over standard edge protection and guard rails, and is ideal for use on roof edges, man-hole, bridges, pits and much more.

If you are unsure of which davit arm or system best suits your needs or for to book a hire, please call 1800 769 121 or use the contact us link to send us an enquiry.

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Product Spec Info
Brand: Everest
Application: Davit Arm
Type: Confined Space
UOM: ea