Barriers for Sydney CBD’s new pedestrian-friendly zones

Sydney Civil partners with Orange Hire for reliable long term crash barrier hire.

Project: Sydney CBD revitalisation
Customer: Sydney Civil
Time period: 2021
Products hired:

  • Crowd control barriers
  • Water filled barriers
  • Concrete barriers

Project snapshot

With more than 90% of daily through-Sydney commuter trips being undertaken on foot, opening up a new walkable corridor is a boon for CBD workers and visitors.

This ‘pedestrianisation’ project covers key streets within Sydney’s CBD and when finished in 2022, will incorporate public transport links, retail precincts, Chinatown and the cinema zone, linking these areas together in a sprawling pedestrian-friendly network.

The project includes a green canopy of 100 trees over the Bathurst to Goulburn Street sector, which is currently being paved in granite. When finished, the project will cover more than 9,000 square metres of new space for walking, footpaths to replace car lanes, and improved intersections, reducing travel time for both pedestrians and drivers.

The challenges

Our customer, Sydney Civil, was engaged to undertake this project for the City of Sydney.

The scope included extending the existing pedestrian zones in major streets such as George, Bathurst and Pitt streets, making open space improvements and paving areas so they are more conducive to foot traffic. The project also includes a range of other improvements such as installing new street trees, seating, lighting and landscaping.

Throughout the project, the Sydney Civil team would be working alongside busy roads and amongst crowded pedestrian areas. The team needed a range of different plastic, steel and concrete barriers to ensure safety for both their workers and the general public.

The solution

Orange Hire was able to assist the Sydney Civil team with traffic rated crash barriers and also simple pedestrian barriers, ensuring a safe work site for the life of the project.

long term barrier hire installationConcrete jersey barriers

Concrete barriers were required for areas where the worksite was close to traffic. Orange Hire offers the Deltabloc jersey barriers for hire; a MASH TL-3 rated barrier that is suitable for speed zones up to 100km/hr in NSW. These crash barriers are easy to install and provide reliable breakthrough protection to ensure everyone on site is kept safe. Hire yours here.

Plastic water filled barriers

Lo-Ro water filled barriers are ideal for temporary worksite protection, offering an easy solution that can be moved and rearranged as the project progresses.

These barriers meet MASH TL-1 and TL-2 levels, making them ideal for signposted speed limit zones up to 70km/hr. Many barriers including the Lo-Ro can be hired with anti-gawk screens for additional privacy and security. Hire yours here.

Crowd Control Barriers

Steel crowd control barriers were used to channel pedestrians towards safe road crossings and ensure small hazards were cordoned off. Strong, lightweight and quick to deploy, they are easy to set up on site for a huge range of construction projects. Hire yours here.

Rent your worksite barriers from Orange Hire

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