Revolutionising Site Security with Fortawall: The Future of Temporary Fencing

In the dynamic world of construction and site management, the safety and security of work sites are paramount. Traditional methods of site protection often fall short of addressing the diverse needs of modern construction environments. Recognizing this gap, Orange Hire is proud to introduce the Fortawall Barrier Fencing system- a groundbreaking innovation in the temporary fencing market, specifically designed for Read more

How to Choose the Right Concrete Road Barriers for Your Project

How to Choose the Right Concrete Road Barriers for Your Project 

Concrete road barriers play an important role on the job site. From protecting your site workers and contractors to directing traffic and complying with workplace regulations, road barriers can help to ensure safety on site. 

Here’s how to choose the right concrete barrier for your next project. 

Benefits of

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Case Study: A Record-Breaking Barrier Installation On Sydney Metro Roads

Orange Hire Project: M12 Motorway

Customer: The Australian and NSW governments

Time period: November 2022

Products hired:

  • Crash cushion barriers
  • Concrete barriers
  • Connector plates

Project Snapshot

As part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP) road investment program, construction of the M12 Motorway is underway with the intent to provide direct access to the Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Read more

Product in focus: Lo-Ro water filled barriers

A plastic road barrier with MASH TL-2 deflection

The Lo-Ro is a relatively new addition to the Australian barrier market, offering a MASH test level rating of MASH TL-2 protection. It provides excellent protection for posted speed zones up to 70km/hr and is the ideal barrier to hire to ensure you comply with 2022’s updated MASH regulations.

The Lo-Ro is Read more