Revolutionising Site Security with Fortawall: The Future of Temporary Fencing

In the dynamic world of construction and site management, the safety and security of work sites are paramount. Traditional methods of site protection often fall short of addressing the diverse needs of modern construction environments. Recognizing this gap, Orange Hire is proud to introduce the Fortawall Barrier Fencing system- a groundbreaking innovation in the temporary fencing market, specifically designed for commercial and government projects.

The Evolution of Temporary Fencing: Why Fortawall?

Fortawall redefines site security fencing, offering unparalleled strength and durability. Its unique and durable design not only serves as a robust barrier against unauthorized access but also ensures comprehensive site protection against various external factors. Whether for construction site fencing, work site fencing, or perimeter fencing, Fortawall offers a solution that is both effective and reliable.

Enhanced Pedestrian Safety

Fortawall Barriers not only ensure site security but also serve as effective temporary pedestrian barriers or crowd control barriers. This feature is crucial for urban construction sites, where maintaining pedestrian safety is as important as securing the site itself.

Exceptional Wind Resistance

A standout feature of Fortawall is its wind resistance. It has a wind rating of up to 165km/h, which is a 254% improvement compared to standard temporary fencing. This impressive capability, tested to AS/NZS 4687 standards, ensures that Fortawall remains stable and secure even in extreme weather conditions.

Space-Efficient Design

Fortawall’s compact design requires only 450mm of space. In contrast, traditional fencing with an F brace needs at least 1200mm overall length. This space efficiency is critical for reducing the site footprint, especially in confined areas.

Environmental and Security Benefits

The fully enclosed base of Fortawall eliminates trip hazards and prevents the passage of rubbish, flora, and fauna past the fence line, ensuring a cleaner and more secure environment around the construction site. This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining cleanliness and ecological balance.

Rapid Installation and Demobilisation

Fortawall reduces installation and demobilisation times by an impressive 70% compared to traditional fencing. This efficiency translates into significant time and cost savings for your project, streamlining the overall site management process.

UV Stabilisation and Australian Craftsmanship

Proudly Australian-designed and created, Fortawall is built with the highest UV stability to withstand harsh Australian conditions. This aspect ensures the long-life durability and reliability of the fencing and barrier components, aligning with Australia’s high standards of quality control for construction and environmental resilience.

Embracing the Future with Fortawall

Fortawall represents a significant leap forward in temporary fencing solutions. Its unique combination of safety features, environmental considerations, efficiency, and Australian-made quality make it an unparalleled choice for modern construction sites. By choosing Fortawall, Orange Hire reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative, effective, and efficient site management solutions across the East Coast of Australia.

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