Revolutionising Site Security with Fortawall: The Future of Temporary Fencing

In the dynamic world of construction and site management, the safety and security of work sites are paramount. Traditional methods of site protection often fall short of addressing the diverse needs of modern construction environments. Recognizing this gap, Orange Hire is proud to introduce the Fortawall Barrier Fencing system- a groundbreaking innovation in the temporary fencing market, specifically designed for Read more

What are Variable Speed Limit Signs?

From construction projects to roadworks and special events, the safety of your team and the public is always a top priority. And what better way to ensure the safety on site than to make sure that everyone is driving to the conditions. This is where variable speed limit signs come in.

Whether you’re prepping for your next job or exploring Read more

Why is Safe Loading and Restraint of Heavy Vehicles Important?

Whether you’re loading a heavy vehicle, transporting goods or unloading a delivery at your job site, it’s essential to be across the safe loading and restraint of heavy vehicles. From reducing the likelihood of serious injury and property damage to keeping our roads free from congestion, correctly restraining heavy vehicle loads is essential for the safe transportation of equipment.

So, Read more