Dry hire vs wet hire: what does Orange Hire offer?

Orange Hire is a specialist provider of dry hire services on the East Coast.

What does this mean? Dry hire is the process of hiring equipment without an operator – you provide the operator yourself.

Wet hire on the other hand means hiring both the equipment AND the operator with it. Of course, hiring both a machine and an operator will increase the cost of hire substantially, as you are paying for labour as well as the usual machine hire cost.

Contrast this with dry hire. Dry hire is significantly cheaper if you’re an experienced contractor with skilled operators on your team or a trusted crew of workers that you can call on to get the job done.

If you’re considering whether dry or wet hire is best for your project, remember that wet hire will always involve hiring equipment and paying for the experience and skill of the operator.

If you’re an experienced civil contractor with many projects under your belt, you’ve most likely already got this expertise in your internal team, so why pay extra for it?

Why should you go for dry hire equipment?

When considering the benefits of dry hire, it’s essential to highlight how plant hire can elevate productivity and efficiency in the construction industry. Dry hire is when a company rents equipment without the need to pay for the person operating said equipment, which offers cost benefits and business flexibility.

Moreover, this method of plant hiring reduces labour costs, as well as enables companies to use specific skills that are tailored to their project. With such a variety of equipment choices ranging from tools like compact loaders to large excavators, plant rental satisfies the range of operational needs of different sectors.

Plant hire allows you the freedom of choosing the duration and time for which you would like to rent it. For instance, plant rental entails hiring equipment for any specific period without engaging in long-term agreements or making capital investments. By so doing, it ensures accurate budgeting hence enhancing project scheduling thus making such an option affordable and cost-effective concerning heavy machinery transportation and logistics, especially when you arrive at a stage in your project where neither your equipment nor your operator is needed.

Furthermore, the maintenance and upkeep procedures have been simplified through dry hiring where these activities are usually done by the renting firms. This offers many advantages because your operations do not have to worry about maintenance fees while still ensuring that all machines meet quality standards.

When you are looking for reliable plant hire services providers you need to think about the company’s rental policies, availability of its machinery and booking process in general. You should consider finding a company that has transparent prices, comprehensive lease terms as well as strong delivery, collection and equipment inspection support systems.

This will mean that any dry hire plant equipment will arrive on time at your job site in good working condition with minimum downtime thereby boosting your projects’ total efficiency rates maximally. In addition, using dry hire machinery provides access to top quality equipment at no cost while keeping your construction scheme on schedule within limited financial resources.

We’re specialists in dry hire

At Orange Hire, we specialise in hiring earthmoving equipment and machinery to experienced construction, demolition, traffic and infrastructure contractors, meaning you’ve no doubt got what it takes to operate equipment safely and efficiently.

We know our customers are experts in their field with competent staff that can operate our machines effectively, do a better job, and decrease the risk of accidents or environmental damage.

Dry hire companies like Orange Hire are best suited for contractors with proven skill and experience with particular machines and jobs. If you want peace of mind that you’re getting the job done well, done on time, and by people you work with and trust, hiring with us is the way to go.

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