How to open an account with Orange Hire

This is how easy it is to open a 30 day trade account with us and get your equipment hire sorted!

5 easy steps to opening an account with us

1. Firstly, what do you need to hire right now?

If you’re new to Orange Hire and you’ve got an urgent equipment hire requirement, rest assured that we’ll get your account sorted fast! Let us take the pressure off and get your next hire pencilled in, then we can officially lock in your machine when your account is opened.

2. Fill out an account application form
Once the pressure is off and you’ve organised any urgent machine hire needs with our team, we’ll ask you to fill out the account application form online. It’s straightforward to download this PDF, complete and sign it, then email it to [email protected].

3. Welcome to Orange Hire!
Our accounts receivable team will give you a call personally to welcome you to Orange Hire. Our friendly staff will walk you through how we can help your business work smarter and more efficiently by pre-booking equipment for your next job.

4. It’s official – here’s your account number!
Our accounts payable team will open your new account in our system, and email you directly with your account confirmation details. Plus, your new account manager will give you a call to learn more about your business, the types of projects you typically hire for, and how we might be able to challenge some of your current suppliers with our great rates and speedy service.

5. How did we go?
Once your first hire is in motion, your account manager will check in to ensure that everything has gone according to plan. We’re committed to giving fast, helpful and safe service and providing only the best equipment for our customers, so we’d love your feedback on how your first hire with us went.

Make the switch to Orange Hire and get the job done right!

The vast majority of our business is with returning customers – that’s because we provide amazing service, reliable, low-hour machines, and our people are responsive and interested in your business.

Plus, we’re passionate about safety and never cut corners, making for a safer experience for your team on site.

Get in touch today or download the credit account application form to open an account with Orange Hire.