Roller Single Drum Smooth 18t - Caterpillar CS663E

Roller Single Drum Smooth 18t - Caterpillar CS663E

Product Overview:

  • Smooth Drum Roller
  • Powerful turbo charged engine
  • Drum Diameter: 1295mm
  • Drum Width: 2134mm
  • Frequency; 30hz
  • ROPS/FOPS Cabin

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Roller Single Drum Smooth 18t - Caterpillar CS663E

Single Smooth Drum Roller Hire- Caterpillar's CS-663E soil compactor roller offers exceptional performance, reliability and operator comfort. A 7t roller powered by a Cat 3056 ATAAC turbocharged diesel engine delivering 179hp, built for performance and reliability without sacrificing fuel economy.

The dual pump propel system provides a separate balanced hydraulic flow to both the rear drive axle and the front drum drive motor. This system enables the operator to achieve superior gradeability and maintain machine control while compacting on a grade, dual pumps also minimise drum and wheel spin-out in loose underfoot conditions.

Vibratory System- the CP-663E has a 1295mm drum diameter with a drum width of 1549mm, maximum centrifugal force at 30hz of 332kN.

The sloped hood allows the operator to see obstacles measuring 1 meter high located 1 meter to the rear of the Roller. Visibility in front of the machine is equally as good. Excellent for working near obstructions or when manoeuvring around the job site. The CP-663E also offers Low sound levels for the operator and the ground crew due to the one-piece hood design and the rear-mounted remote cooling package.

Product Downloads

Product Spec Sheets
PDF Brochure: cs663e.pdf
Full Orange Hire Catalogue: Orange-Hire-Catalogue.pdf
Safe Working Method Statement - Delivery: loading-unloading-low-loader.doc
Risk Assessment: Caterpillar_CS663E.pdf

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Brand: Caterpillar
Model: CS663E
Engine: Caterpillar
Displacement: 6000cc
Power: 179hp
Max Travel Speed: 11km/hr
Ground Clearance: 525mm
Air Conditioning: Yes
Size: 18T
Height: 3020mm
Length: 6000mm
Width: 2133mm
Product Weight: 17100kgs
Material: Metal
Colour: Yellow
Fuel: Diesel
Application: Roller
Type: Compaction
UOM: ea