Slasher attachment helps boost Council productivity

A case study on how our creative solution for a local council increased staff productivity and resulted in the project being completed well ahead of time.

The challenges

When our Newcastle Branch Manager David Broad was checking in with customers earlier this year, he dropped in on a local council to see if they had any rental requirements.

Dave explains that this customer was feeling the pinch of budget constraints and didn’t have any upcoming equipment hire needs.

“My customer told me that unfortunately, they had to cut back on spending before the end of the financial year in order to stretch out their funds. As a result, they have had to stand down one of their extra road crews and they weren’t hiring in any new equipment.”

This seemed like a pretty black and white situation, but Dave took an active interest in this problem. After all, the roads still needed maintenance and the kerbside scrub still needed clearing.

He had a chat with the customer to see if Orange Hire could help get the job done faster and cheaper, so the team could still complete their roadside maintenance whilst staying under budget.


Orange Hire’s solution: the Digga slasher attachment

“We were invited to the site to demonstrate how we could solve their problem. We attended with the Digga Slasha attachment from our hire fleet for them to trial on their compact track loader.”

The council team were impressed with this powerful attachment, which is purpose-built for roadside maintenance tasks like slashing vegetation, clearing grass and trimming low shrubbery.

“It did the trick: the customer reports that this method of slashing is much faster and more efficient than their existing process of using a tractor/slasher, particularly due to the logistics as well as the ability to handle the terrain.”

It was a no brainer. The council team took advantage of the slasher attachment, moving their idle road crew and track loader over to their roadside mowing program, running two crews instead of one.

By doing this, the council has increased staff productivity, machine utilisation and will now complete their slashing program earlier than expected, freeing up additional resources and better serving local ratepayers.

About the slasher attachment for skid steer loaders

The ‘Slasha’ is a tough slashing attachment for skid steer loaders that can be used to effectively cut and clear grass and low ground scrub. It comes with couplings to easily fit a variety of posi tracks and skid steers and is perfect for roadway maintenance as seen here, as well as for landscaping, parks maintenance and general slashing work.

Our slasher attachment for hire has an adjustable height and a chain curtain for effective debris suppression. The twin blade, dual rotation cutting bar makes light work of tough shrubbery and thick overgrown grass.

This heavy-duty unit has specially designed side skids for smoother manoeuvrability over uneven terrain and easily fits all sizes of posi track loaders.

Call Orange Hire for solutions – not just equipment hire!

Dave Broad and the rest of our Branch Managers throughout the east coast are here to help you find the best solutions for your projects.

Whether you’re working on a difficult site, have logistics to contend with or you’ve got strict budget constraints, our team can recommend the best equipment to help you get the job done right. Get in touch with our team here.

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