3 ways to keep the traffic flowing

Road & traffic equipment available from Orange Hire

No-one likes a traffic jam! Here’s our best hire equipment for busy road & traffic crews that need to keep things flowing on site.

VMS or Variable Message Signs

A VMS trailer is a convenient way to keep drivers informed of changed traffic conditions. Easily portable, highly mobile and self-contained, they offer a ‘set and forget’ solution for traffic and road work crews to communicate to motorists.

Variable message signs are solar-powered with battery backup, meaning they can be set up virtually anywhere in full sun. Plus, because they have a built-in speed radar, they can be used to dynamically show motorists their approach speed to encourage drivers to slow down when they approach the work zone.

VMS boards are available in A size or C size, which refers to the size of the LED sign display. The A size board is recommended for metro areas with speed zones of around 60km/hr. It can be viewed from 100 metres away, whereas the larger C size board can be viewed from up to 300 metres away. This makes the C size boards best for higher speed zones, rural areas and freeways.

Setting up your VMS is easy – simply tow it into place, use the remote programming software to set your messages, and schedule when you want the messages shown to the public.

When determining where to park your VMS, it’s always a wise move to check the local council or road authority regulations, as some councils have guidelines around where to place the sign trailer. Basically, if you avoid blocking a footpath and ensure your VMS trailer is well secured and safe, you should generally be able to place it in a safe place near your work area.

To hire a VMS in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere on the east coast, take a look at our VMS Sign Board with Speed Radar.

Portable Traffic Lights

Trailer mounted traffic signals present a great solution for tricky road and traffic management jobs. Wherever there is reduced visibility, for example around heavily curved roads, or where traffic signals have not been installed on greenfield developments, these mobile traffic lights are a great choice.

Once set up, the solar traffic lights can operate for seven days continuously – even without sunlight to charge the battery! Using a master / slave set of units, you can set up 2 way, 3 way or 4 way traffic control arrangements, with additional slave units available to hire if you have a large traffic control project to manage.

Approved for use on NSW roads, our portable traffic light set is engineered to Australian Standards. An integral traffic management tool for use on roadwork sites, The dual-trailer set can be towed separately making transportation easy. Trailer mounted traffic lights are ideal for roads and traffic applications, as well as construction, infrastructure, commercial and event applications.

Portable Light Towers

Getting the project completed efficiently with the least disruption to the public often means you’ll be working through the night on road & traffic maintenance jobs.

If you have upcoming night work scheduled, make sure your worksite is well illuminated for your team by installing portable lighting towers.

These trailer mounted extendable lights have 4 powerful 4000W halogen lamps, illuminating an area of up to 4500 square metres.

Light towers are easy to set up on site and the trailer has outriggers to help with stability, along with certified wind resistance up to 110km/hr. So, even if it’s a rough night, your light towers will hold fast and provide strong lighting to help you get the job done.

A soundproof engine enclosure and 116L diesel fuel tank offer an estimated run time of up to 65 hours, giving you great performance combined with quiet operation.

Get a quote on traffic management equipment

Orange Hire has a great range of rental equipment for road and traffic management projects, and we’ve got plenty of VMS, light tower and traffic light units in our yard ready to hire.

Give our friendly team a call now to book your road and traffic equipment hire, or use the quote form and we’ll be in touch right away.

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