Which roller is best for asphalt roads?

Orange Hire supplies rollers for road, paving and asphalting projects.

Rollers are a very important part of any road construction project. Whether you need to spread bulk asphalt evenly or smooth out the final stages of a new road, there is a roller that can help you get the job done.

But which roller should you use?

There are many different types of rollers and each one has its own pros and cons. In this article we will discuss the main types, and which roller is best for asphalt roads.

Padfoot rollers

Padfoot roller drums are made from a series of pad shaped steel plates that produce uniform pressure and reduce the need for excessive roller weight, which can lead to uneven surfaces (and eventual cracking along the edges of roads).

You can use a padfoot roller for clay and other fine-grained soils, and it will help compact without lifting sticky mud or clay off onto the roller drum.

Padfoot roller drums work well for a range of paving types because they’re designed to create smaller contact points thereby reducing the likelihood of skidding and material transfer.

Smooth drum rollers

12t Roller for hireThe roller drums on smooth drum rollers are made from a continuous steel tube. They provide excellent compaction results and are best for use with coarse fill, granular materials and other mixed soils.

Smooth rollers provide great compaction results because they do not create any ridges in your asphalt or paving surface.

Available in single or double drum versions, these rollers are often used in finishing operations for asphalt roads.

So, which is best for roadwork projects?

Your roller choice should depend on the type of soil you’re working with, as well as what your project requires in terms of compaction. Often both types of rollers play a part in road construction.

However, most asphalting projects use smooth drum rollers. Instead of just relying on the weight of drums, a vibratory roller uses vibrations to deliver a more powerful effect. A rotating mass enables the drums to vibrate, whilst the addition of the vibrating force allows for more efficient work and higher compaction levels.

Smooth drum vibratory rollers

These are perfect for flat surfaces like asphalt or surfaces with only a very slight incline. A smooth drum roller can be used to make surfaces like asphalt more even, using a combination of pressure, vibration and impact.

Multi-tyre rollers

Pneumatic rollers, sometimes called multi’s, are used to flatten and compact roads using a series of smooth wheels to seal the surface. These multi tyre rollers are used to finish the compaction of soil for road work and are also used to seal asphalt for roads.

Double-drum rollers

Compact, powerful and efficient, twin drum rollers are great for road and asphalting projects. These rollers have a smoother finish and are often used for the final stages of road construction or when following an asphalt paving machine.

Need advice on the right roller to hire for your road project?

Contact Orange Hire for long term roller hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional centres all throughout the Eastern States. We have roller sizes starting from small trench rollers right up to large compaction equipment that is perfect for all aspects of road construction.

Contact our friendly team today to hire reliable, low hour equipment and get the job done right.

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