Case Study: A Record-Breaking Barrier Installation On Sydney Metro Roads

Orange Hire Project: M12 Motorway

Customer: The Australian and NSW governments

Time period: November 2022

Products hired:

  • Crash cushion barriers
  • Concrete barriers
  • Connector plates

Project Snapshot

As part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP) road investment program, construction of the M12 Motorway is underway with the intent to provide direct access to the Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek, while also connecting to other parts of Sydney’s existing motorway network.

Orange Hire Was Contracted To Install Temporary Traffic Management Solutions

As construction of the M12 Motorway continues to progress, the complex traffic management needs of the project require traffic control specialists to ensure the safety of those working on site, as well as the general public. 

With years of experience in temporary traffic management solutions, Orange Hire was contracted to provide expert knowledge and optimise safety around a particular stretch of the motorway while successfully managing the flow of traffic around it. Orange Hire’s unwavering commitment to creating safe working environments was integral in ensuring that all road users remained safe throughout the major infrastructure project.

Kicking Off In November 2022

The Orange Hire team utilises the latest technologies and innovative approaches, enabling us to consistently deliver solutions that meet the highest industry standards. 

For this project, the team at Orange Hire installed a traffic management system over the course of three nights, providing a range of items that included Absorb crash cushion barriers, concrete terminals, and appropriate connector plates.

The first night of the project involved the replacement of an existing barrier as the team prepared for the larger installation of the new crash cushion barriers.

Night two saw the delivery and installation of a 4m sloped end concrete terminal, along with 23 x 2m barriers with extra-long connector plates. An additional 504 metres were set on the second night of the project, established in 6m barriers and resulting in a total of 84 barriers being installed.

On the final night of the project, 63 x 6m barriers were set before 28 more 2m barriers were installed with extra-long connector plates, capped off by a bookended 4m sloped end concrete terminal.

Orange Hire’s Impact

It is remarkable what can be achieved when a team works together to create something extraordinary — and this was certainly the case with the M12 Motorway.

During the project, 300m barriers were realigned on top of 210m barriers, which the Orange Hire crew (along with the assistance of Shamrocks Haulage) was able to set in 90 minutes, resulting in a new record for Sydney metro roads.

In addition, the crew was able to complete the traffic setup each night within one hour after rigging up on location. This was achieved through Orange Hire’s proactive approach to pre-planning and innovative safety measures that allowed for quicker deployment times.

Orange Hire Can Help With Projects Big And Small

The Orange Hire team successfully demonstrated their ability to provide a comprehensive traffic control solution in a short period of time, all while sustaining high standards of safety and quality.  The result was an efficient installation that enabled the M12 Motorway project to move forward as planned.

If you’re looking for a partner that can offer comprehensive traffic management solutions, Orange Hire is here to help. Whether it’s a small detour or a major motorway upgrade, the experienced team of experts is ready to provide the quality service and support you need.

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