Kubota SVL75 Skid Steer Tracked Loader with A/C Cab

Kubota SVL75 Skid Steer Tracked Loader with A/C Cab

Product Overview:

  • SVL75 Tracked Loader
  • Powerful 74hp Turbo Engine
  • Engine Stall Guard
  • Long Reach for maximum lifting
  • Self-levelling Function

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Kubota SVL75 Skid Steer Tracked Loader with A/C Cab

Kubota Skid Steer Loader Hire - the SVL75 offers a high ground clearance of 297mm, strong traction force, and wider cabin entrance with a clean view, high-back full suspension seat, arm rest and wide leg room.

The Kubota's high-powered engine of the SVL75 provides 74HP for performance that surpasses the competition, the CRS electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount for high torque at a low rpm to improve the overall work efficiency.

With a high ground clearance of 297mm, this track loader lets you travel over large obstacles with ease and Kubota's original track lug design gives you more grip and a stronger traction force of 4389kgs.

The deluxe cabin of the SVL75 delivers the operator a comfortable ride, wide cabin entrance, luxurious suspension seat and ergonomically designed controls for ease of use.

The Kubota's pressurised cabin keeps out debris with air conditioning for operator comfort, hand and foot throttle allows you to match the engine speed to the task at hand.

Product Downloads

Product Spec Sheets
PDF Brochure: svl75.pdf
Full Orange Hire Catalogue: Orange-Hire-Catalogue.pdf
Safe Working Method Statement - Delivery: loading-unloading-tilt-tray.doc
Risk Assessment: Kubota_SVL75.pdf

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Brand: Kubota
Model: SVL75
Engine: KUBOTA
Displacement: 3331cc
Power: 74hp
Max Travel Speed: 11km/hr
Tracks: Rubber
Ground Clearance: 297mm
Air Conditioning: Yes
Height: 2083mm
Length: 3579mm
Width: 1675mm
Product Weight: 4225kgs
Material: Metal
Colour: Orange
Fuel: Diesel
Application: Track Loader
Type: Lift & shift
UOM: ea