Case study: concrete barriers improve Sydney’s alfresco dining areas

Can concrete barriers look great? Yes they can!


When our customer needed to hire concrete barriers to improve safety around outdoor hospitality venues, they needed something that looked attractive to restaurant and cafe customers.

Although road barriers are typically made of raw concrete, a new program in Sydney’s CBD is offering venues a stand-out set of barriers that provide both safety and were an aesthetic appeal.

painted concrete barriers
Barriers featuring the artwork ‘Magic Circles’ by Kieran Butler

Beginning in early 2021, Sydney’s hospitality businesses were encouraged to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by trialling new on-street dining permits.

Venues could apply to transform their existing on-street car parking spaces into outdoor dining areas for their customers. The use of concrete barriers around these car parking areas is helping to create new seating space, whilst also protecting against the potential for vehicle accidents.

At a range of locations around the CBD, concrete safety barriers needed to be installed around approximately 100 small venues in the city centre. This work was undertaken to support restaurants, cafes, bars and other hospitality venues as part of a new trial of the on-street dining initiative.

Expanding the outdoor seating areas provides more space for social distancing so patrons can enjoy dining out in a COVID-safe fashion.

painted concrete barriers
Barriers featuring the artwork ‘Ngaarr’ by Lucy Simpson


Concrete jersey barriers in mixed 2m, 4m and 6m lengths have been installed across almost 100 sites in the CBD, creating cosy, colourful and safe dining and entertainment areas for local businesses.

The barriers will be in place into 2022, featuring artworks from a range of talented artists.

The contractor offered to repaint the barriers prior to returning them to our fleet… but perhaps we should keep them colourful? Who would have thought that simple concrete barriers could look so good!