Trench Cover

Trench Cover

Product Overview:

  • Slip resistant trench covers
  • Certified to 2000kgs/m2
  • Internal steel frame
  • 3 interlocking pieces
  • Total weigh: 30kgs
  • Bridge set is available

Hire Terms:

  • Minimum Hire: 1 day


Trench Cover

Fibreglass Trench Cover Hire - Slip resistant trench covers are suitable for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Tested and certified to 2000kgs/m2 with an internal steel frame and ramped edges.

The safe plate is made up of 3 Interlocking pieces, the plate (20kgs) and ramped edges (2x5kgs).

A bridge set is available for the trench cover, 2 x hand rails that fit securely into the trench cover providing both edge protection and a stable handrail for pedestrians.

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Product Spec Sheets

Product Information

Product Spec Info
Length: 1400mm
Width: 800mm
Product Weight: 30kgs
Material: Fibreglass
Application: Trench Cover
Type: Civil
UOM: ea